The turning of the year finds the garden here at Goldstone poised between winter and spring.  Because of the generally mild December weather many of the spring bulbs have emerged from their winter slumber. Daffodils, bluebells, scilla and others are pushing forth tightly wrapped foliage.  They will keep growing as long as the weather remains mild and average temperatures remain above six degrees.

Garden Work in Progress

Amidst this evolving landscape, our dedicated team continues their diligent garden work. Along the herb walk, we’ve been meticulously pruning and rejuvenating old standard roses, testaments to the enduring nature of roses when nurtured properly. Our soil’s excellent drainage, ideal for Mediterranean plants, benefits from generous feedings, particularly rich, well-rotted farmyard manure. As summer approaches, these roses will join the festivities of 2024, offering a splendid backdrop for your special events at Goldstone.

Harvesting Winter’s Treasures

In the vegetable garden, it’s time to harvest the Jerusalem artichokes, their flavours richest after the frost has claimed the top growth and the plants have withered. These delectable tubers, some saved for replanting, inspire our Head Chef, Evan, as he crafts the upcoming menu. We’re always on the lookout for unique additions to our culinary repertoire, like South American tubers Oca and Yacon, as well as heritage varieties from partners at Garden Organic and the Heritage Seed Library.

Planning for Future Abundance

Behind the scenes, we’re preparing new fruit for both the garden and the polytunnel. Intensively grown strawberries with a shorter lifespan will soon grace our desserts, while fresh cane fruits will adorn the cutting garden arches. Even the humble potato gets its time to shine, destined for our polytunnel to provide the finest new potatoes for our kitchen.


A Year of Work and Celebration

There’s much work and celebration ahead in the coming year. Why not plan a stay to witness our ongoing transformation, or stay connected with us through social media. We’ve also got a fantastic line up of events for 2024, click here to discover more. Meanwhile, let’s raise a glass to the adventures the year ahead holds!

Wishing you a splendid New Year from the Goldstone Hall Hotel garden team.

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A Georgian manor house and restaurant with 12 comfortable bedrooms overlooking the rolling tree-strewn hills of the North Shropshire countryside. Boasting 5 acres of award-winning gardens, including a productive one-acre kitchen garden.

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