Our gardens at Goldstone are award winning and include mature, beautifully designed 5 acre grounds located in the lee of Goldstone Hill overlooking the rolling timbered pastures of the North Shropshire, known locally as the ‘golden garden triangle’.

The immaculate 5 acre gardens, and productive one acre kitchen garden, are maintained to an incredibly high standard by our head gardener, Nick Huxley and team, under the guidance of owner and passionate plant enthusiast, John Cushing.  The grounds include beautiful double tiered herbaceous borders, lovingly maintained to an exceptional standard.

Double Tiered Herbaceous borders

The old wall protects the garden from a Northerly wind and gathers the sun from the South side to create a micro climate; that with relatively light goldstone series soil produces a generally early flowering garden and safe haven for many delicate plants.

Here you will find our double tiered herbaceous borders, featuring seasonal perennial planting schemes. Notable plants in the double tiered herbaceous border are: Actinidia kolomikta; Epilobium angustifolium ‘Album; Phormium tenax; sedums, alliums, clematis and a bushy line of Ballerina roses, providing structure and continuity from May to October.

We plant for longevity of the flowering season and ensure daily watering from our own water source, to boost vitality of the plants.

Wild Flower Planting

This year we have planted out an area of 140 sq meters under a Prunus (old cherry tree) cultivated with wild flowers to encourage pollinators and to compliment the colour scheme in the double tiered herbaceous borders. Included within are flowers such as Rhinanthus minor, Verbena officianlis, Viola tricolour, Horehound, Campanula rotundifolia, Centaurea cyanus, Achillea millefolium, Dacus carota and Galium verum, to name a few.

Cutting Flower Borders

Here you will find heavily scented sweet peas, cornflowers and gladioli. Many of the plantings are rows of favourite garden plants so that they can be brought into the house without reducing the garden displays.

Open for Guided Tours

Admission to the garden in 2019 is £5.00 per person between March and October annually. Garden tours are conducted by either John or Nick and their extensive knowledge and obvious passion for their subject, offers a fascinating insight into the thought behind the design. The garden tours are available for groups of 10 – 40 guests. Guided tours are available Monday-Friday, subject to availability either at 11am (with lunch at 12.30) or at 15.00 (with afternoon tea at 16:30).

National Garden Scheme

For 5 years Goldstone has been selected to open their gardens for the National Garden Scheme. During 2019 the Garden is open for four more days to raise money for the NGS: Tuesday 30th July, Tuesday 6th August, Wednesday 14th August 2019 and Wednesday 4th September 2019.  Opening times are from 14.00 to 17.00 and there will be traditional tea and cake served in oak pavilion at an extra cost, all proceeds to National Garden Scheme.

For any further information and our opening times, please see our website or contact the team on 01630 661202 or email enquiries@goldstonehall.com.