Goldstone Delivered

Goldstone delivered to you

Goldstone’s favourites delivered to you. 

The weeks have flown by since the start of the Goldstone vegetable box deliveries and collections in April.

Firstly, Thank you to everyone for their amazing support and encouragement. We are getting to really know our way around the back lanes of the district and it is great to welcome so many of you to our timed slots for collection over the weekend. The roses are in full bloom and the long border is spectacular with the stunning white hybrid of rose bay willow herb starring as it sways in the breeze.

*Local delivery will be within 10 mile radius of Goldstone (TF9 2NA)*

Garden Veg Box : £10

Please note our produce is provided unwashed and we recommend washing.

Garden Veg Box : £10

Delivery Thursdays

Tray Deposit : £5 These have been, very kindly loaned to us by Mike Bubb of Shropshire Petals. The deposit will be returned on receipt of the tray. We can offload on delivery

Order online or via email  for delivery the following Thursday.

Please include your address and telephone number in your email.

Goldstone Delivered

Produce will be harvested on Thursday morning and delivered 3pm – 6.30pm that afternoon.

If you order a veg box please do not forget to add a deposit (refundable) to your cart.

Goldstone Delivered
Freshly baked and waiting to be delivered

Head Chef Liam’s sourdough starter began over a year ago meaning you get a loaf that has a wonderfully deep flavour and a crisp, chewy crust. Proper bread with “backbone”

Victoria has been working on reawakening the Sour dough starter culture and with some gentle persuasion our two year old magic is back up and running with some excellent tasty cobs already delivered to their new homes. This is proper bread not some airy-fairy supermarket imitation.

Wholemeal or White loaf £4.60 per loaf (750g)

Goldstone Delivered

Horseradish Root

A decent root stick of Garden horseradish along with our recipe.

£1.50 per stick

Goldstone Delivered

Made at Goldstone Meal Box for 2 – £35

You are very welcome (for those outside the delivery area) to collect Saturday from 12pm through to 5pm and Sunday 10am-4.30pm. You will then be able to have a walk around the Garden and easily be able to comply with social-distancing.

It would be helpful if you could let us know what time you would like to arrive, we can then ensure the gardens are not over crowded.

Please confirm your order by 5pm Wednesday prior to collection.

Do not hesitate to make suggestions for additional items to be added to the stocking list.