Kitchen Garden

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Productive One acre Kitchen Garden including herbal walkway.

With over 100 different herbs and micro herbs, heritage vegetables, salads, heirloom fruit berries, edible flowers and even spices, the Goldstone kitchen garden always has something fresh and seasonal for restaurant guests.

With luscious produce cultivated in raised beds, fruit cages, poly tunnels plus herbal walkway, produce is lovingly sown, grown and harvested by Ross and his team throughout the year. The strategically grown Fagus sylvatica ‘Purpurea’, or copper beech hedge, adds protection from the North and West.
Kitchen Garden seasons

From April the raised beds accommodate a huge variety of brassicas such as dwarf green curled kale, Marabel cabbage and early purple sprouting broccoli. Also harvested are early potatoes such as Lady Christl, plus Blauwgroene leeks and Bright Lights swiss chard, plus alpine strawberries. Early shoots from the extensive variety of plants in the herbal walkway are picked for their intense and concentrated flavours. They include nasturtium, oregano, mint, sage, sorrel, burnett, angelica, majoram, salsify, thyme and more

As the months warm, the garden yields plenty of crisp salad leaves, succulent tomatoes, soft ripe fruits such as apricots and nectarines and edible flowers – always a treat when used to garnish special, celebratory feasts at anniversaries and special occasions. Autumn brings a proliferation of apples, beetroot, squash, pumpkins and Jerusalem artichokes. Plus the harvest of Szechuan peppers – wonderful as a rub on the charcoal hog roasts.

Different varieties are grown and trialled for suitability to terroir such as garlic; during 2018 over 12 species were grown and two chosen for their excellent performance and yield – Iberian Wight and Provence Wight. Whatever the season fresh produce is picked and delivered to guests’ plates within minutes.

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Garden Organic – Heritage Seed Library

Goldstone has begun a new partnership with Garden Organic’s Heritage Seed Library (HSL), with the aim of reviving, conserving and protecting a selection of heritage and heirloom vegetable seed varieties, some of which have historical origins in Shropshire. They are growing the seed to increase biodiversity, to serve the produce in their restaurant, as well as to return some of the seed to the Heritage Seed Library for their ongoing conservation.