They’re the perfect place to unwind morning, noon and night.

The gardens had been the main focus of Helen Ward’s energies ever since we arrived when all there was a complete wilderness of weeds. The garden is testimony to her fascination of collecting all sorts of seeds and plants and finding just the right spot for them to thrive and grow.

The gardens are open to guests of Goldstone whether staying overnight or simply dining in the restaurant for lunch, dinner or afternoon tea.

The main features of the garden are one of the largest hotel kitchen gardens in the UK with raised beds, the herbal walkway and the double tiered herbaceous border which backs onto a south facing wall.

The old wall protects the garden from a Northerly wind and gathers the sun from the South side to create a microclimate that with relatively light Goldstone series soil produces a generally early flowering garden and safe haven for more delicate plants.

The long herbaceous border is an eclectic mix of Helen’s years of gardening. Notable plants include Actinidia kolomikta which has the stunning creamy white and pink leaves in spring and early summer. The bushy lines of Ballerina roses, with their profusion of small pink flowers, provide structure and continuity from May to October.

Meet the team

The Goldstone garden’s foundations are due to the vision and drive of one woman – Helen Ward. Her passion in life was the Goldstone Garden which she was instrumental in laying out and collecting plants for. Latterly she toured, in her golf buggy, the grounds several times a day and knew every square inch of the garden.

It is a passion she passed to her son John Cushing. Not only is he fascinated with the unusual crops we can grow in our vegetable garden but also always considering how guests can enjoy more and more of our 5 acre plot.

Nick Huxley, Head Gardener, has been at Goldstone for over 10 years. He came to us from the award winning Wollerton Old Hall Garden. Nick has turned Goldstone’s kitchen garden into extensive plot it now is. Often you will find him in the caged kitchen gardens tending some vital part of your dinner.

 It is Danny Allman that brings the sense of order to the place and although we’ve never seen the ruler he promises that throughout the summer the Great Lawn in our Walled Garden is cut at 9mm with perfect stripes.