Embrace the winter enchantment in Goldstone’s captivating garden. As the leaves gracefully fall from trees and shrubs, and herbaceous plants take their seasonal rest, a new garden landscape emerges, revealing its underlying structure and beauty.

Winter Garden Tasks and Shropshire Secrets

The hotel garden is meticulously cared for during the Shropshire winter. Our espaliered fruit trees receive expert pruning and training, showcasing their bare branches in mesmerizing tiers around the vegetable garden. The hedges, once summer’s backdrop, now take centre stage, framing scenic views both inside and outside the garden. Plans are afoot to lower a holly hedge, promising a breathtaking vista from the main lawn, stretching across the landscape.

Nurturing the Veggie Haven

Within our thriving winter vegetable garden, many crops have been harvested, while robust winter warriors like kale and sprouts remain for harvesting during milder spells. Spring’s promise comes to life as fresh plants are lovingly grown from seed by Sarah, our assistant veg gardener. Meanwhile, soil preparation takes precedence. Annual crops are cleared, perennials like asparagus receive their winter haircut, and empty beds are meticulously weeded, dug, and enriched with generous helpings of manure. This precious organic matter will break down over winter, nourishing our hungry Shropshire soil and enhancing its structure. Bark chippings add a neat finish to the garden paths. The garlic, planted last month, has begun to sprout and will continue to grow in fits and starts over the winter.

Exploring the Herbal Pathway

We are extremely proud of our herbal walkway which snakes its way through our one-acre vegetable plot. Many of the herbs are evergreen, providing continuing interest and culinary use, but this year’s maturing needs cutting back to allow new growth to emerge in the spring.  Many such as thyme, mint, oregano and marjoram like to colonise any available space, so a little cutting and shaping is required to inject a bit of discipline.  Otherwise, some of the rowdier characters can elbow out their fellows.

Echiums: A Triumph of Nature

Goldstone’s renowned echiums have returned, defying the cruelties of the past winter. To ensure their safety, we’ve potted a few, providing refuge within the polytunnel—just in case! We’ve also cleared the area surrounding the polytunnel, hinting at exciting developments ahead. Stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest garden news.

Herbs at Goldstone Hall Hotel and Gardens

Herbaceous Borders and Winter Propagation

The hotel’s herbaceous borders beckon our gardeners.

It’s time to trim and tidy, preserving the structure of select plants while exploring propagation through division and root cuttings—a thrilling process involving plants like Crambe cordifolia and Acanthus.

Some such as Melianthus major and Phormium will remain untouched to provide continuing structure



Plot-to-Plate Delights

Even in winter, the garden and the kitchen maintain their harmonious partnership. Our talented head chef has been crafting culinary wonders, preserving unripe figs in syrup, using nasturtium foliage as a winter green, and transforming seeds into a caper alternative. Whether you’re savouring the frosty ambiance or indulging in a cozy meal beside our crackling fires, Goldstone offers nourishment for both body and soul this winter.

As one of the top hotels with gardens in Shropshire, the Midlands and the UK, Goldstone Hall Hotel invites you to experience the seasonal wonders of our remarkable garden on your next visit.

Best wishes,

From the Goldstone Garden Team.

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